An international standard for general training in business

The Master in Business Administration is the only degree that has an international recognition in the management educational field.


Professional experience enrichment
An MBA is a unique opportunity to enrich professional experience. The relevance and the efficiency of this course is highly correlated to the professional culture of the participants who will be offered the opportunity to turn their experiences into transferable knowledge and to develop a clear view of their professional assets.
Specific learning methods
The apprenticeship methods used in the MBA program must comply with the specific objectives of training professionals bearing in mind their maturity and potential, by reinforcing the ability to decide in an uncertain environment with limited resources, and to work in a team. Therefore, the learning methods are different from the ones used in undergraduate training, and highlight apprenticeship by solving problems, methodologies and quality development centres.
An accelerator for professional and personal evolution
An MBA enables people to prepare to take on higher professional responsibilities, the whole course is built upon this fact. Lectures and work sequences do not aim to train participants for basic management situations but to allow them to be confronted with critical situations which reveal high potential.
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