Training & Career Development

Thank you for your interest in this subject. It is our aim to transmit our firm's most cherished values and convince employees that these should be their values as well.




We recognize that training is essentially a learning process and the very notion of helping people prepare themselves to better achieve their own goals and those of their employers is simply good common sense. It also makes solid economic sense for society at large.


With this in mind, we give our employees the tools they will need to perform their jobs with. We aim to develop current and future employees for future career opportunities within our organization. Our concept of training revolves around six points: Analysis, Design, Validation, Implementation, Evolution and Follow-Up.

We teach our managers to use their acquired skills in team building, decision making, and communication as well as subjects in finance, marketing and sales and human resource management. Increased competition puts a premium on better service as we increasingly turn to customer-service training programs to provide employees with the tools and abilities they need.

Diversity training creates better cross-cultural sensitivities, with the distinct aim of creating harmonious working relationships among our firm's employees. We create better sensitivities among our supervisors about issues and challenges women and minority's face in pursuing careers, as well as mentoring and improving English language proficiency.
We have developed company-wide trainers that help and assist with pre-opening training wherever, whenever necessary. You too could be a member of our task force team. These individuals have a strong professional background and unbridled willingness to help, teach and, mentor.
We support and implement worker involvement programs whenever possible. The aim being to boost organizational effectiveness by getting employees to participate in the planning, organizing, and general management of their careers.

With this in mind we have created two managerial development programs, both designed for the distinct purpose of developing leadership and business potential among our ranks.
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